Speed learning

I have a theory about creative craft; no matter how talented you are, you will always need to learn from “experts” in order to be considered a professional by other professionals in that field. Practice allows for amateurs to shed their titles but doesn’t fully substitute learning from a more experienced person. You see it…

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Book Review: FOE by Iain Reid

Release Date: September 4, 2018 Where did I find this book? I joined NetGalley a while back and then promptly forgot about it. Yes. I’m one of those. So imagine my surprise when I logged into my subscription email account (you’ve got one too, eh?), and found a kajillion ba-billion email messages recommending all kinds…

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Vision Board

This is a companion blog post to 27. Bwandungi uses a vision board to supercharge her life. Before you even start your vision board, you have to let go of the fear that you are not creative enough to make one, or that defining your goals will trap you. This is YOUR tool and you…

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No matter how your week has gone, even if the speed bumps of life have conspired against your plans, take a little time and refocus. You got this.


Every story is the same

I’m trying to be more educated about this path I’ve chosen, learning things I didn’t know about storytelling, and figuring out which things relate to me and which ones don’t. In this research, I came across a concept called Narrative structures, and the idea that ALL stories are basically the same. Narrative structure is the…

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