Getting Organized

One of the things I’m really struggling with this week is getting organized. There seems to be so much to get done and yet there doesn’t seem to be anything done. I’d promised myself the use of a jar to track my activities during the day, hoping that it would motivate me to work harder. Well, it doesn’t work if you’re not using it, right?

My plan is this:

  1. Work harder on finessing and managing my brand,
  2. Make sure that my youtube videos stay on brand,
  3. Manage social media (which means I must understand how Twitter works and leverage it to encounter more people on a journey similar to my own),
  4. Continue to write upwards of 5,000 words a day,
  5. Work out,
  6. Read,
  7. Continue to manage house cleaning so it doesn’t explode into a pigsty,
  8. Do fun things to rejuvenate my soul.

Even now as I write it down I think it is an impossible task I’m asking of someone who doesn’t seem to manage time very well and is often found staring into the little dust particles in a ray of light, watching what happens as I breathe on them.

And yet I want success. I want to look back at my hustle and say, see how I did it? You can do it too.

So the quest to conquer this planning dragon must go on and I must stay on track. Think of me when you can, and let me know the kinds of things that have worked for you in your own journey to being organized.


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