Bait and trap

IMG_3245Yesterday I saw this headline, and as someone who has paranormal answers to every mystery, I clicked on the story to find out what the ^%$#@ walked out with Kaydon from the woods. was counting on that. They structured the story so that there would be 30 parts to this story with HUGE ads in between that loaded sloooooo-o-owly so you might click on them if you’re not patient enough, and wrote so much unnecessary shit in the story. For heaven’s sake, I know that people who wanted to help out with searching for the boy had CHILLI. They ate mf-in’ chilli.

But I wasn’t going to be deterred. I’d invested 12 clicks by “chilli time” into this story and I was damned if I wasn’t going to get what I came for.

Baiden watched as I scrolled and clicked, wasted minutes ticking by, 13, 14, 15. At 20 Baiden assured me the story was almost over. Even then, I still didn’t know who walked the kid out of the woods after he’d been missing for 22 hours. Who? What? How?

Somewhere after page 25 I finally got my answer. Something was growling in the forest. Growling? Damn it! Was someone about to get chomped on by a wolf? Tell me the good parts!

Nah. You wish.

It was the family dog, sitting beside the boy who had curled up into a ball.


  1. Not only did the author LIE about the kid walking out of the forest with some(thing/one) – FAKE NEWS,
  2. I was provided with details that were not endemic to the story,

I persisted because I needed to see how long and by extension Danielle Propheta (who are surprisingly numerous on google), were willing to take this deception. As you can see from the screenshot, it took 30 pages to say a kid got lost and was found curled up beside his growling dog.

As an internet savvy person, I should have known better. Which is why I don’t trust you and your clickbait-y headlines. Don’t do it.

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