Your culture fascinates me

I grew up in Uganda, in the capital city, Kampala. Check the video below for more info about my background.

I lived a certain kind of lifestyle – mostly westernized, lived a life of relative privilege, and was concerned with the things that affected my life and the life I hoped I would live in the future.

It was endlessly fascinating to me to hear my parents tell stories about other tribes that had been passed down as rumours, possibly from a time when the bakiga (or their allies) were warring with another tribe.

Kampala is a melting pot of cultures and tribes and nationalities and races, so most of the stories we’d heard growing up were easily debunked. As we grew older, we had the opportunity to engage with each other’s cultures, and that is when my love-fest with exploring cultures started.

The Royal mile between Buganda Parliament and Kabaka Palace in Kampala, Uganda

No one group of people is defined by the same characteristics. Even within our unique cultures, there is a separation by class and/or economic status. But it still warms my heart to encounter people who have different cultural rituals and the reasons they do the things they do. Eating their food and enjoying their hospitality is a gift the World has generously provided for us to celebrate.

I’ve always contended that people who DON’T see differences in human beings – tones of skin, shapes of faces, texture of hair – are not saying what they think they’re saying.

It is what makes us different from each other that makes the kaleidoscope of this floating wet rock so magical.

I’m a fan!

Students from Heritage International School, Kampala


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  1. Leslie says:

    “chair-dancing competition”😂 I love your energy, Bwandungi! Your videos are captivating.

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