An Anthropologist?

At what age do we learn social behaviour? I’ve been watching my nieces and nephews grow up and trying to figure out exactly when they edit their speech, or their behaviour in order to fit in. Surprisingly, two of my nephews seem to have taken after a younger me. We’re observers, not participants.

The disadvantages are obvious, coz people just think you’re weird.

In the silence, you can hear truth speak underneath their words, especially if you’re like me, and not particularly obsessed with having a response to what someone is saying. Then you can actually decide if you want the conversation to progress to friendship.

It also proves to be such an advantage when you’re interested in who people are, and what their motivations might be. Human beings are such curious creatures, with desires they keep hidden, and alter-egos for display.

I consider myself an amateur anthropologist.

That’s why I love writing about them, trying to figure out what might be under the mask, just wanting to look at the real person without the makeup. That’s why I love all the “Humans of _____” stories.

If you’re interested in reading some of my ruminations about people, please follow me on Facebook. I try and write 3 stories a week that are inspired by the people whose paths I may have crossed.

Have a blessed day!

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