Abandoning fear

Fear is the act of imagining the worst that could happen in the future, visualizing it in your mind, and then allowing it to generate bad emotions in the present moment. Sometimes it becomes an art, when it is practiced regularly and not challenged. I’m going find another hobby coz I think I’m tired of…

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The only way to a successful writing career is to never stop writing. If you can’t find your story, write about your feelings. If your feeling jar is empty, write about someone else’s feelings. Never stop writing.

Speed learning

I have a theory about creative craft; no matter how talented you are, you will always need to learn from “experts” in order to be considered a professional by other professionals in that field. Practice allows for amateurs to shed their titles but doesn’t fully substitute learning from a more experienced person. You see it…

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Vision Board

This is a companion blog post to 27. Bwandungi uses a vision board to supercharge her life. Before you even start your vision board, you have to let go of the fear that you are not creative enough to make one, or that defining your goals will trap you. This is YOUR tool and you…

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