A Servant of Hananja

Over the weekend and this past week, I’ve been consumed by the World N.K. Jemisin built in the Dreamblood duology. The story was so compelling and surrounded me with its mysticism and compelling characters that I came out of it and immediately constructed the beginnings of an outline for a fantasy story set somewhere in…

Imagination is a muscle that can be exercised, and many readers love to use it. Trust them to know what you’re talking about. Don’t overexplain.

Every Heart a Doorway by Seanan McGuire My rating: 2 of 5 stars I borrowed the audiobook from my public library and listened to it while I was on the treadmill. I’m sure I’ll get the spelling of some of the names wrong. Enjoyed: 1. Characters that were so diverse in temperament and identity. 2….

Book Review: A Stone Called Fred by S.M. Locke

A young man wakes up to a buzzing, fizzing commotion on his kitchen table. He dashes out of his house to avoid what he believes is the complete destruction of his home. Except, it doesn’t explode. This book was a quick and quirky read (I finished it in one evening) about all the possible things…

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Stuff that influences my writing

Writing is a process that is influenced by people. In my latest video, I talk about some of the things that are currently affecting the way I think about my writing. Let me know what kinds of things are influencing your writing.   Click the image below to subscribe!  

Getting Organized

One of the things I’m really struggling with this week is getting organized. There seems to be so much to get done and yet there doesn’t seem to be anything done. I’d promised myself the use of a jar to track my activities during the day, hoping that it would motivate me to work harder….

Your culture fascinates me

I grew up in Uganda, in the capital city, Kampala. Check the video below for more info about my background. I lived a certain kind of lifestyle – mostly westernized, lived a life of relative privilege, and was concerned with the things that affected my life and the life I hoped I would live in…

The only way to a successful writing career is to never stop writing. If you can’t find your story, write about your feelings. If your feeling jar is empty, write about someone else’s feelings. Never stop writing.

Bait and trap

Yesterday I saw this headline, and as someone who has paranormal answers to every mystery, I clicked on the story to find out what the ^%$#@ walked out with Kaydon from the woods. icepop.com was counting on that. They structured the story so that there would be 30 parts to this story with HUGE ads…

You can’t afford my work

It should be plain and simple. “I’m a writer who authors stories about people of African descent having adventures in space.” Then I cringe and wait for the inevitable question of feigned curiosity. “So where can I buy your book?” I’m not disappointed in seeing their mild humour and benevolent condescension. “Thank you for asking.”…