Getting Organized

One of the things I’m really struggling with this week is getting organized. There seems to be so much to get done and yet there doesn’t seem to be anything done. I’d promised myself the use of a jar to track my activities during the day, hoping that it would motivate me to work harder….

The only way to a successful writing career is to never stop writing. If you can’t find your story, write about your feelings. If your feeling jar is empty, write about someone else’s feelings. Never stop writing.

Personal branding for a writer

You’d think I would have this figured out already. I’ve been blogging and writing stories for years,┬ábut for some reason I cannot explain, I had not dedicated myself to understanding what a writer’s personal brand is and how it can affect my work. Then, for reasons I’ll have to explain later, I started recording videos…

Making Connections

Hello there reader! Welcome! How is your day so far? I’m in the midst of a flurry of Chrome tabs, clicking, linking and reading up on all manner of things. One of the things I am keenly aware of is the fact that authors need to make connections. Connections with other authors, connections with book…