Imagination is a muscle that can be exercised, and many readers love to use it. Trust them to know what you’re talking about. Don’t overexplain.

Vision Board

This is a companion blog post to 27. Bwandungi uses a vision board to supercharge her life. Before you even start your vision board, you have to let go of the fear that you are not creative enough to make one, or that defining your goals will trap you. This is YOUR tool and you…

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Surround yourself with creative people who are dedicated to fulfilling their dreams. Then sit back and watch what happens to you.


Being purposefully audacious

Bold. Dauntless. Audacious. When these characteristics are ascribed to any person, there seems to be an inadvertent societal pressure we feel. Thoughts of our own meekness, fear, caution when it comes to our own dreams can be overwhelming. And sometimes this can result in our participation nay-saying. I’ve always been baffled when I find a…

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