Should I talk to you?

It is impossible to dialogue with a mouth that stays agape and a mind that is locked up.It is a beautiful World we live in. If someone says something I disagree with, I can change the channel, look for a different website, unsubscribe from a newsletter, leave a Facebook or WhatsApp group, or even set the place on fire. I have options.

Someone told me that I’m thin skinned and needed to be in a place where different views are being held to either strengthen my arguments or allow different kinds of information (that I may not have) to change my mind about my stance.

This is difficult. Am I supposed to engage with:

  1. Flat Earthers?
  2. Misogynists?
  3. NAMBLA (North American Men/Boy Love Association?
  4. Racists?
  5. Homophobes?
  6. Slave owners?
  7. Climate change deniers?
  8. Science deniers?
  9. Religious nuttery?

The list is a mile long. But here is my response,

No thank you.

If I don’t stand up for the things I believe in and refuse to engage with people whose arguments flaunt the basic tenets of human rights and shun science. I’m sorry if that makes me narrow minded, but I think I’m okay with that.

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