Empathy as a virtue

Is this a virtue? Can we honestly say that because we care about the welfare of others, that it makes us better people?

In the case where the person is of less character than we think they should have, for instance, a thieving drug addict who just stole your phone, or politician who embezzled millions to fill their own coffers. Does it count as caring if we have minimum requirements for the person?

If I am unable to empathize with you because we are so different, do you deserve to suffer- (1)

What does it mean to care about other people? Empathy/sympathy for the situations in which we find them? Monetary assistance? Exert political influence? Pay more taxes?

What are we expecting in return?

The notion of caring about other people has been bastardized to such an extent that we no longer have a meaningful definition ofthe phrase. But this is the political atmosphere in which we find ourselves, engaging with people to make them understand why being concerned about the welfare of others is important.

Is that a worthy cause?

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