Sourcing Great African Literature

African Literature.


People don’t want to be called African authors, Africans shun African authors, Africans fight other Africans about what African literature is and should be.

It is a complicated space to occupy, especially because those of us who write stories know what the publishing World desires from the African continent. But they cater to their audience, who are, by and large, not African people.

If you’re reading this and you claim citizenship of one of the countries of that glorious continent, here are some resources for you. Please enjoy and patronize.

  1. Jalada Africa (stories)
  2. Omenana (SciFi/Fantasy Stories)
  3. African Literature on Facebook (all fun things African Lit)
  4. James Murua’s Literature Blog (literature review/news)
  5. Kwela (sell literature written by black Africans)
  6. Baobab Prize (children’s literature)

I hope this is a great start for everyone.

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