Being purposefully audacious

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Bold. Dauntless. Audacious.

When these characteristics are ascribed to any person, there seems to be an inadvertent societal pressure we feel. Thoughts of our own meekness, fear, caution when it comes to our own dreams can be overwhelming. And sometimes this can result in our participation nay-saying.

I’ve always been baffled when I find a very positive message online, but the comments below are filled with thoughts that would bring shame to the troll’s mom. When you begin to understand that they’re just feeling the pressure to do better, but are afraid of it, suddenly it all starts to make sense.

There is a way to change your fear

It’s going to take some work in censoring yourself, and training your mind to think differently about yourself and those whom you look up to.

Write down your own big dreams

What is that one secret thing you want to do that you know is going to change the World? That one thing that makes your heart flutter in your chest, but gets caught in your throat because you’re afraid to share it with the trolls you’ve spawned in your circle?

Find others who are doing big things

You’re already following them on social media, watching them build their lives around this big dream. Some of them share the habits that lead them towards success. Some of them share their struggles and failures as a way of creating a community of caring people. Join that community.

Share your big dream with someone

If your physical community is choke full of nay-sayer trolls, keep your dream to yourself. Discouragement is like a weight on your shoulders, whispering “truths” and “facts” and all manner of information in your ear. Don’t do that to yourself.

There are communities online who will spur you on, provide you with solutions you might have not thought of, give you information that can spark the idea you have and turn it into a blazing fire. Tell those ones.

Every day, plan your dream

I believe that each of us is born with a purpose and those deep desires of our hearts inform that purpose and steer us where we need to go. Look at the dream you wrote down, divide it into tasks and get to work.

Yes, it is intense, but you’re not Egg Head. You don’t want to be Egg Head. Egg Head breezes through life, things falling into his lap, and quickly leaving again because he has no plan. You don’t want to be Egg Head.

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