Making Connections

Hello there reader! Welcome! How is your day so far?

I’m in the midst of a flurry of Chrome tabs, clicking, linking and reading up on all manner of things.

One of the things I am keenly aware of is the fact that authors need to make connections. Connections with other authors, connections with book lovers, connections with book bloggers, publishers, agents etc. Back in the day, when I had nary a care in this World, I was the queen of connections. I belonged to a few online Yahoo! Groups that were active and vibrant and I thrived. Now the internet is a lot easier, you can find a website/blog, twitter account, facebook page, goodreads account and connect with people.

Learning that just connecting with them is the key to success in my opinion. Looking out for authors who have blogs and are themselves looking to make connections with others is key. If they are not reaching out, looking for readership themselves, then I’m not quite sure my time is best spent trying to connect with them. Of course it means that the number of connections I have dwindle, but I know that worthwhile relationships usually work both ways. If I’m lookin’ for a buddy and you’re lookin’ for a buddy it makes it easier.

I’m not a marketing guru by any standards and I hope that I’m doing the right thing looking for people this way. Only time will tell.

BTW, I’m looking for buddies.

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