Rebels UNTIE!

Karibu reader!

I hate rules. Don’t you? I dislike being told what to do and sometimes have to check myself before I rebel simply because someone told me what to do. I never thought of myself as a rebel and still don’t regard myself as one, but try telling me what to do see what happens.

So when I came across all the different “RULES OF WRITING” being peddled on the internet,

Some ‘experts’ have decided that you cannot use the word SAID. As in, “Oh, look,” she said.

Others think that using doing words, adverbs that end in -ly is basically dooming yourself to writers’ purgatory. For example, “Oh, look,” she said, longingly.

And yet some others say, don’t tell me what they said, show me what they said. They mean “Oh, look,” she whimpered, gazing longingly at the dazzling bracelet in the window.


All these rules are arbitrary and suggested by people who pretend to hold the keys to publishing and the money jars. Bad writers get paid gobs of money all the time and they break every single rule that was ever put in place by ‘experts’.

My advice? Just write what you want to read and those who love reading the same things will line up to read your books.



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