Finishing First

Karibu Reader!

How was your weekend? Cold? Sunny? I can barely remember mine!

As an author I get this question all the time, “Are your books out?”. Usually you have to temper your expectations when someone asks that question. They are not suggesting that they are about to buy your book, oh no! It is merely polite conversation they are trying to have to find out what you’re all about, or waiting till someone more interesting comes along.

My stories are still hanging about on my computer being edited, revised or held in waiting. That is no easy task. Everyone who writes would like to have their work available for public consumption so critics and fans alike would have something to say about their work. However, I have had to learn the art of patience for my own good and for the good of my audience. Nothing is quite as irritating as reading a story you know was not yet quite ready for publication.

Patience is a virtue that is hard to learn.


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