Killing me softly


Your presence here is greatly appreciated! How is the weather where you are? Toronto is cold and our Mayor is probably high right now.

I dislike rules. Not the kind that stop people from killing each other (if you have that much malice in your heart then you’re not my target audience), but other kinds of rules. Arbitrary rules that come out of nowhere and don’t do any good for anyone.

Rules of a story, the kind being peddled on the internet, are even more aggravating. I’m struggling with one particular one today. Kill your darling.

No. I won’t.

I’m a Potter head, so today’s reference is Potter related. Sirius did not need to die (neither did every single Potter from James’ family who could have taken that child in). Lawd!

Dumbledore may have needed to die, but I doubt he would have come between Harry and mouldy Voldemort since he knew what the prophecy said. Tonks? Mad-Eye? Lupin? Fred? Colin Creevy? C’mon now. However, Harry Potter is not my story. It was Ms. Rowlings and she killed a whole throng of happy people to save her story.

Since there are tons of murderous cretins writing stories and then killing the people they make us fall in love with, I’m going to choose to be someone else.

Surely there are creative ways to write a story without going on a ruthless rampage. Surely.

Back to writing!

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