Would You Survive an Encounter?

Hello Readers! I hope today was a productive day for you.

I managed to finish my experiment with Adobe Premiere. One of my superpowers is teaching myself to use new software (and hardware) and then searching the internet for the experts who have free tutorials online, so I can learn things I didn’t even know I needed. I also went outside and took pictures of a small park close to my home.  It was glorious.

For my night time entertainment, I chose,

“Transformers” by XenoPredDragon

YES Ma’am!

It got me thinking. If I had been Gloria Witwicky, would I have survived an encounter with the Transformers? Would we have survived an encounter with the Transformers realistically speaking. It is difficult to imagine and I’m sorry I have such an unflattering view of our planet, but there it is.

Now, pardon me. I think I may have an interesting premise for a new story…

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