Whence Cometh Thine Inspiration?

Hola! Today is a sunny day and I hope that wherever you are you get to enjoy it!

Last night inspiration hit for a new story. An exciting story. A GREAT tale. I quickly relayed the information to my co-author for all things exciting and got a few things down. It got me thinking about inspiration and the wonderful places it comes from.

When inspiration hit, I was detangling my hair in the shower and watching an episode of Star Trek TNG (To answer your questions, 1- Yes I’m a Trekkie, 2- I love them all equally). A young girl had been taken onto the ship to intern under Dr. Crusher and as it turns out, she was Q. So Q arrives, sent by the Continuum, to figure out if she was a threat to them or not.

You’ll have to watch the episode to find out if Q goes with Q to the Continuum.

John de Lancie, who plays Q, is a great actor and has beautifully portrayed another despicable character in Stargate SG-1. I thought to myself, wouldn’t he make an interesting Inspector Gadget for adults movie, taking all the kitschy stuff out of it to make it more adult friendly. Put in lots of great CGI, throw in gobs of action packed sequences where he can say something more than “Go Gadget, Go!”. I’d watch it!

From that simple thought, my idea grew and blossomed. It is nothing like inspector gadget and has a character very unlike Q’s character, but she’s beautiful and strong and I cannot wait to give her form.

I guess my inspiration came from the tangles in my hair. Where does yours come from?

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