Being Called a Girl (and not in a nice way)


Welcome back M. Anonymous!

For a long time I did not like who I was. I’m a girly-girl in conflict. I’d rather wear a pretty blouse and a skirt than a buttoned shirt and dress pants. However, I prefer the look of short nails painted with unconventional colors and/or patterns to long french tipped nails. I love all things interior design, but I’m also interested in the structural bones of a building and its internal workings. Dramatic stories will always have my attention, but sometimes I need a good action packed thriller. I’m a militant feminist who craves the friendship and opinions of men. I have had this conflict all my life and struggled fitting into the neat gender boxes that society demands.

Because femininity is often equated to weakness, less intelligence and a general lack of concern for anything other than romance, perfume and flowers I rejected my own, choosing instead to identify as a softer tomboy mash-up. It was horribly confusing. I’m getting better now.

This struggle is often reflected in my writing. In my head, fantastic things are always about to happen and when I write a story something fantastic happens. Then I remember that fantasy writing is reserved for the ladies and PROPER science fiction is a man’s realm and my feminist horns unfurl (it’s a special power reserved for feminists).

I can’t get with that. I refuse to join the masses that claim that to be how it is supposed to be. So I’m on a mission.

MISSION: Scour the Globe for more women who write Science Fiction, read their material and make recommendations.

VISION: The opportunity for greater visibility within the Sci-Fi community and publishing, and recognition for good work and great stories.

If you have recommendations for a good story, pass it along. THANKS!


Further reading (If you’re interested):

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