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Good day readers!

About two years ago I came across a small section in my O Magazine that suggested the use of a website called StumbleUpon. Needless to say, there have been many hidden treasures online that I have found as a result of  ‘stumbling’. I share one with you today.

These are the wonderful and fantastic sculptures of a Deviant Artist called “Wood-Splitter-Lee” (click this link to view her profile on

Ice Dragon

The sculptures are incredibly life-like and can be set up in different poses. She makes one of a kind pieces and sells them on eBay.

As always I am inspired by work like this. I love colorful creatures and colorful characters in the books I read. Sometimes I think I’m really bored with the caricatures we’re all familiar with. The geeky handsome guy, shunned by most of the ladies because of his heavy glasses and weird hair. When he comes out of his shell and takes off his shirt, BAM! They’re tearing off his clothes faster than speed stripping at your local gentlemen’s clubs.

I want to write about people that others have not yet really looked at, people whose stories compel us to look into the faces of passers-by, acknowledging their pain, celebrating their success, protecting their insecurities, keeping their secrets. I want big personalities whose voices grate on your nerves that are not hiding something soft and tender. I want a story centered on Radagast or Argus Filch. I’m a little tired of heroes and heroines.

Enjoy the video of the Baby Dragon!

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