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Mandombe Script from the DRC
Mandombe Script from the DRC

I have always been curious about words, how they are pronounced, what their root is from another language, why we have the letter C if it makes the same sound as K and S… things like that.

When I discovered that there were languages that were not written using the alphabet I must have gone a little woozy. The exoticization of non-European derived cultures may have encouraged us to see other writing systems as art, placing tattoos on our bodies in Chinese characters (Check out some epic failures here) or Arabic (failures here) without fully recognizing their beauty and purpose and the subtle nuances that create new paradigms in that language.

It is exciting to learn them. I’m learning Arabic right now and whenever I go by a store with Arabic letters written on the front I’m sounding out the words like a 6 year old, but I’m loving it. Arabic is not the language of my people, and to date I do not know if my people ever wrote anything down. However, I know there are quite a few African writing systems that get me really excited. I imagine my stories translated into some of these systems and it gets me excited.

I put a few of them together with a little excerpt on a Pintrest board I created. Check it out!

Time to get back to the business of writing. Enjoy your day!

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