Geeking Out

Moon base
Human colony on the moon (John Hrubesch –

Readers, followers, returning friends, how are you today?

I am completely geeking out today. As an environmentalist, a scientist, a writer and an avid human+ advocate, the thought that we will soon be out in space, making changes to our wider surroundings and finding ways to live in peace with whomever else might be out there, I find myself drawn to images like the one above.

Dystopian art has a very significant place in science fiction today and many tales involve heavily populated cities, poverty stricken masses, lack of food and/or anything green and a general desperate grab for whatever possibilities may lie just out of reach.

Hope is where I live. Large spacious human bases (I hate the word colony since I come from a country that was once colonized and that was not a good experience!) filled with growing organisms and fresh food, clean air and the spine tingling expectant feeling that comes with constant scientific discoveries and achievements. I want to live there, where everyone is living in peace because there is no time to quibble about anything.

Would people be interested in a story where things are so peaceful? I believe so. Hmmmm…. time to think! Time to think!!!

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