African Literature: News, Reviews, Author Interviews

For a while now I’ve been searching for one place online where I could go to to find news and reviews on African literature. It is slim pickings out there folks, but not because African people are not writing (never let such blasphemous words escape your lips!!!). One consolidated place where you can reach out and find stuff we’ve written about our experiences or biographies or fantasy or thrillers.

So I created such a place. I wanted to know the authors, what their experiences were, what their backgrounds were, what their thoughts were. I wanted to read excerpts and reviews, literature blogs where women like me fell in love and fought for their lives.

Last March, African Literature (click link to view) was started and it has grown to include 14,088 subscribers to date.

African Literature on Flipboard, updated daily.
African Literature on Flipboard, updated daily.

Our stories are not only told by the written word, so I have begun to include art and photography, music and poetry.

Visit. See if you like it. Subscribe. You won’t be sorry!

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