Reader! You flatter me with your presence, Karibu.

Today I had a lot of cooking to do and decided it would be nice to finally find out what Defiance was all about. In case you’ve been asleep at the Sci-Fi wheel, the story of Defiance (the new name of St. Louis, Missouri) is set in the near future. Aliens came hoping to terraform Earth, but found it already inhabited. They sought asylum, however, a douche with a gun killed one of their representatives, enter war, enter devastation… you get the picture. So everyone, including various humanoid species is living together in mutual tension and loathing.

Great premise. Dunno why everyone is scared of showing wars nowdays (especially since we’re all bank rolling it), so no war for you. But here is a cookie!

This is a summary of my first reaction to the show.

  1. Why does dystopia always devolve into
    1. a scene from China town (pick any city with a China town) in the middle of their New Year celebration?
    2. a slum in some African country/India?
    3. the old west?
  2. Why are these places always hubs and suddenly legitimate businesses
    1. brothels
    2. weapons trafficking
    3. fight clubs
  3. How come there are no
    1. Chinese/Japanese/Korean Americans?
    2. Latin American Americans (did I say that right?)
    3. Other black dudes. This IS St. Louis after all.
    4. No Jazz or hip hop, just whiny meow meow music (not quite sure how else to describe the awful howling).

I feel like I’m stuck in a really bad version of a futuristic, half sci-fi, half steampunk Deadwood, which was much better written and had more interesting characters (watch it till the end! Aaaaaa! *faints* I gotta watch this show again!).

I know, don’t knock it if you’re not writing something better, right?

I’m workin’ on it!!!

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