Writing the Future

Reader! Welcome back. How is your day going?

So, I finally did it. Joined a group of like minded people focusing on something big and grand and good. I signed up to join the Hieroglyph Project, which, in the words of Neal Stephenson, is  to

…  get SF writers to contribute pieces to an anthology. These pieces would all be throwbacks, in a manner of speaking, to 1950′s-style SF, in that they would depict futures in which Big Stuff Got Done. We would avoid hackers, hyperspace, and holocausts. The ideal subject matter would be an innovation that a young, modern-day engineer could make substantial progress on during his or her career.

I found out about the group through hanging out with the Reinventor’s Network last week and thought that the worst they could say is, “No, you can’t join because you have no published work.” But they accepted my request to join.

Much of my surfing time last night was spent looking through the forum and getting my bearings and there was one thing that was immediately apparent, these folks are not joking around. Many of them are experts in their chosen fields of scientific study working towards finding solutions to Global issues and the conversations are elevated, intelligent and a little intimidating.

My habit has been to refer to myself as a geek because of my obsession with new scientific discovery and the possibilities that emanate from that. I’m trying to find my place within the group of great minds, reading some thought provoking ideas and finding that my label may actually fit.


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  1. There’s also the newly-coined “blerd” to distinguish black nerds. I don’t care for the term, but it’s very popular with the under-30 crowd.

    1. Bwandungi says:

      Blerd?! Oh my goodness. Strange word.

  2. There are a bunch of folks on twitter (and FB) that love it – I follow @blerdology, @blackgirlnerds, @brothatech, @geeksoulbrother and others. There’s also a weekly #blerdchat. Just do some searching on Twitter.

    1. Bwandungi says:

      Excellent! Thank you Vee.

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