World Building


Hello! Happy Tuesday!

One of my favorite writing exercises is building Worlds. It feels like a child-like thing to do sometimes, making up names for stuff that no one has ever seen, but it is incredibly fulfilling. It makes me think that within each one of us is an innate sense that is only satisfied when we allow our imagination to ‘run away with us’.

My first novel (as yet unpublished) starts on Earth where the adventure begins and then continues in a fascinating place, where I could literally smell the air and touch the plants and walls and creatures as I wrote the story. I enjoyed the process so much that I’m sharing one of the creatures with you today.


One of the lesser known creatures that communicates using a tubular protrusion on the top of its body. When it honks, blue puffs of smoke can be seen coming out of the protrusion which smell fresh and dewy.  The soft gelatinous form of its body is held together by green leathery belt. It can stretch its form through the leather so that there is more gel above the belt than below. Retractible sensory tentacles are used to smell the air and feel vibrations. Though the Umdit is not a shy creature, it prefers the comforts of  tall plants where it is less likely to be trodden on by larger creatures.


I’m going to have to learn how to model these creatures properly, or hand them over to an artist who is well versed in 3D modelling. If I ever get there. You’ll find out.

Have a fabulous day!

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