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Welcome back!

Are you having a good day/night?

I’ve been wondering about this blog. I’m not a newcomer to blogging, but wanted a space where I could blog about writing, connect with other writers and pimp my wares (my wares are not yet ready for pimpin’, but look out for the pink suit soon!).

Is it good manners to greet your readers every time you start a post? My momma raised me well and she said to always say hello and sound interested in what people had to say if you asked them how they were. I’ve not previously done this, but I’ve wondered sometimes how crazy it is to go to someones blog (like a conversation or something) and before you even know anything or take a breath there are CAPS in your face, little crazy any doodles or LOL cats.

cat funny

So if you see me say hello and just want to say hello back and talk about how you’re doing, feel free to. I promise I’ll listen!

Secondly, why doesn’t every author have a website or a blog or a wikipedia page where I can peek into their lives and find out some information? There are some writers I respect and in this digital age, I would like to connect with them, purchase their eBooks (environmentally concious here) and leave them a comment or two. I guess that is why I’m working on this one, so when y’all read my fabulous work, you can come here and praise me :-).

Lastly, this blog has a sister blog where I attempt to practice and hone my craft. Luckily for you (and quite unluckily for me), the story/stories there will be free. Please feel free to visit, comment, leave adulations so I can connect with you.

I’m looking forward to this adventure. I hope you are too!

See you around!

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